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TO ORDER YOUR COPY OF SO TO SPEAK, kindly email Lynn with your name, address and any message. We ask for a minimum donation of £25 plus £3.10 (P&P) to Autistica and Lynn will help you make that donation, before sending you a copy of the book.



Covid-19 stopped us all in our tracks. Life as we knew it was on hold. For Dame Stephanie Shirley, it was an opportunity to gather together her favourite speeches into a book. Something she had talked about for a long time. Dame Stephanie – or 'Steve' as she likes to be known, is a workplace revolutionary and successful IT entrepreneur turned ardent philanthropist. She has given away nearly £68m to different projects, specifically IT and autism, her late son's condition.

It was lockdown and with no time to find a publisher, we commissioned the London based Agency, Deep, to help us design something very special. The result is a stunning book with a golden hardback cover, which packages the beautifully designed pages and photographs throughout. It's the perfect gift.

Steve will tell you more

TO ORDER YOUR COPY OF SO TO SPEAK, kindly email Lynn with your name, address and any message. We ask for a minimum donation of £25 plus £3.10 (P&P) to Autistica and Lynn will help you make that donation, before sending you a copy of the book.

So To Speak is available online for £25.00.
ISBN No. 978-1-5272-6880-7

"Steve is one of the most compelling and clear speakers I've heard, she delights and engages audiences and makes us all want to do more and be better. Nobody combines such an inspiring story with direct and no-nonsense views in such style - a pioneer who challenges all of us."
Matt Brittin, President for EMEA Business & Operations for Google

"We have had many external speakers at similar events but the impact Steve had was unprecedented. Her words were inspirational. 97% rated her session 'very or extremely valuable' – higher than ever before."
Ian Ackerley, CEO, NS&I

"Through her genius and ingenuity, Dame Stephanie pioneered a path for women. Get a copy of this incredible book and give one to everybody you know."
Nicola Mendelsohn, CBE, Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Facebook

"What a truly fantastic and inspirational read. Dame Stephanie is a national treasure, a pioneer and a beacon of positive spirit in these challenging times. Her words of wisdom are timeless and will continue to provide inspiration to women in tech and entrepreneurs all over the world for years to come."
Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, We Are The City

Dame Stephanie's memoir, Let It Go, re-published by Penguin in 2012 has sold over 20,000 copies in the UK and just launched in Germany too. It is being made into a silver screen film, although this is on hold during Covid_19.

Let It Go charts Dame Stephanie's life from her time as a child in Germany and arrival in England as an unaccompanied Kindertransport refugee in 1939, setting up her unique business of women working from home in the 1960's, on to her "retirement" and her life subsequently, as a venture philanthropist. It is an amazing read which will take you through the entire range of emotions from happiness at the success of her original company Freelance Programmers to the ultimate sadness of losing her only child.

However, if you would like Dame Stephanie to personally sign a copy of her memoir 'Let It Go' for you – with a dedication or a message, she would be delighted. All you have to do is go to Autistica and donate a minimum of £12.50 per book (includes P&P), then email Lynn with proof of your donation, your name, address and any message, Lynn will do the rest and post the book to you.

Let It Go is available online @ £9.99 In Paperback or Kindle.
ISBN No. 978-0-241-39549-3

PRESS and MEDIA: if you would like to learn more about So To Speak or Let It Go, to interview Dame Stephanie or write an article, please contact Lynn

Let It Go

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Let It Go is to be made into a film!

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The word 'inspiring' is greatly overused, but Stephanie Shirley's story is one of those rare cases in which it truly applies. This book is an extraordinary tale of creativity and resilience, and of the power of well-targeted philanthropy to transform the world.
Oliver Burkeman, Guardian journalist and author

Let It Go

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I feel lucky to count myself one of Steve’s friends, and I am so happy that, by sharing her story with us in the pages of this book, she will inevitably acquire many more admirers and fans. We may never be able to achieve a fraction of her success and influence, but the example of her generosity and unflagging attempts to use her hard won fortune to do good will inspire all of us to do just that bit more to leave the world a slightly better place than we found it.
Jane Asher


A wonderful, inspirational, living, breathing life of a book.
Stuart Ongley, SGO Music


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