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'If today’s guest’s story and achievements don’t make your drop, I’m not sure what will. Dame Stephanie Shirley is quite a woman. She arrived in the UK in 1939 with her sister, sent as a refugee by her parents from Germany to escape the Nazi’s. In 1962, a time where being a woman in business was an incredibly challenging time, she set up her first business with £6 and went on to become the CEO of a multi-billion-pound IT consultancy group. Now in her 80s, Dame Shirley is showing no signs of slowing up as her work as a philanthropist is continuing to make millions of pounds for a cause very close to her heart – autism – following the loss of her autistic son at age 35 in 1998.' Sandro Forte

Let It Go

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The word 'inspiring' is greatly overused, but Stephanie Shirley's story is one of those rare cases in which it truly applies. This book is an extraordinary tale of creativity and resilience, and of the power of well-targeted philanthropy to transform the world.
Oliver Burkeman, Guardian journalist and author

Let It Go

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I feel lucky to count myself one of Steve’s friends, and I am so happy that, by sharing her story with us in the pages of this book, she will inevitably acquire many more admirers and fans. We may never be able to achieve a fraction of her success and influence, but the example of her generosity and unflagging attempts to use her hard won fortune to do good will inspire all of us to do just that bit more to leave the world a slightly better place than we found it.
Jane Asher


A wonderful, inspirational, living, breathing life of a book.
Stuart Ongley, SGO Music


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