Let IT Go

... of a young refugee who found love and acceptance with an English foster family, and who vowed that she would repay them by living "a life worth saving"...

... of a brilliant young woman whose pioneering computer skills were rebuffed, in the 1950s and 1960s, by the sexism of the British workplace...

... of a brave entrepreneur who defied convention by setting up her own company – one of the earliest software companies in Britain - with only £6 of capital ... and defied it further by employing women working from home, and giving them the then unheard of freedom to choose their own hours and manage their own workloads...

... and who then, as her company grew, began to transfer ownership of it to its workforce...

... and who did all this while caring for a heartbreakingly disabled son ...

... and who eventually, as her company went from strength to strength, became one of the half-dozen richest women in England …

Dame Stephanie signing the agreement with The Development Partnership.

... and who then gave her fortune away, becoming instead Britain's most influential champion of philanthropy, and a global leader in the fight against her son's condition, autism.

In Let It Go, one of the most inspirational women of our times tells her own extraordinary, moving and uplifting story, and explains why giving her wealth away - letting it go - has brought her infinitely more happiness and fulfilment than acquiring it in the first place.

Let It Go is to be made into a film!

There is an entire business course in this book: about the dangers of profitless growth, the difficulties of succession planning, and the problems of managing clever people. But more important, this engrossing story of an extraordinary life is filled with lessons in what it means to be human.
Michael Skapinker, Financial Times

Let It Go

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Let It Go is to be made into a film!

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The word 'inspiring' is greatly overused, but Stephanie Shirley's story is one of those rare cases in which it truly applies. This book is an extraordinary tale of creativity and resilience, and of the power of well-targeted philanthropy to transform the world.
Oliver Burkeman, Guardian journalist and author

Let It Go

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I feel lucky to count myself one of Steve’s friends, and I am so happy that, by sharing her story with us in the pages of this book, she will inevitably acquire many more admirers and fans. We may never be able to achieve a fraction of her success and influence, but the example of her generosity and unflagging attempts to use her hard won fortune to do good will inspire all of us to do just that bit more to leave the world a slightly better place than we found it.
Jane Asher


A wonderful, inspirational, living, breathing life of a book.
Stuart Ongley, SGO Music


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