Dame Stephanie Shirley, author of 'Let IT Go' and her son Giles Let IT Go tells the story of a five-year-old German girl whose parents sent her away to escape the Nazis, on one of the last Kindertransport trains out of Europe...

... of a young refugee who found love and acceptance with an English foster family, and who vowed that she would repay them by living "a life worth saving"...

... of a brilliant young woman whose pioneering computer skills were rebuffed, in the 1950s and 1960s, by the sexism of the British workplace...

... of a brave entrepreneur who defied convention by setting up her own company – one of the earliest software companies in Britain - with only £6 of capital ... and defied it futher by employing women working from home, and giving them the then unheard of freedom to choose their own hours and manage their own workloads...

... and who then, as her company grew, began to transfer ownership of it to its workforce...

... and who did all this while caring for a heartbreakingly disabled son ...

... and who eventually, as her company went from strength to strength, became one of the half-dozen richest women in England ...

... and who then gave her fortune away, becoming instead Britain's most influential champion of philanthropy, and a global leader in the fight against her son's condition, autism.

In Let IT Go, one of the most inspirational women of our times tells her own extraordinary, moving and uplifting story, and explains why giving her wealth away - letting it go - has brought her infinitely more happiness and fulfilment than acquiring it in the first place.

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Let IT Go is available from all good book shops and online.  If buying from Waterstones through Give As You Live they will donate 18p to charity, at no extra cost.

As well as a paperback and eBook there is a specially enhanced version of Let IT Go from the Apple IBook Store with an interview with Dame Stephanie herself.

Paperback: 9781782342823 - £8.99
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Enhanced eBook £7.99
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Dame Stephanie Shirley will be appearing and signing copies of Let IT Go at these venues


JANUARY 27th Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture, Cambridge (tbc)

FEBRUARY 3rd HR Directors Summit, Birmingham

MARCH 10th Third Sector Strategic People Conference, London
  16th Jewish Federation Event, Florida



JANUARY 22nd Leo Baeck Institute
  26th Weiner Library

FEBRUARY 12th Stadtgesprach, Vienna
  19th Miller Memorial Lecture
  24th Informantics Ventures - Edinburgh
  26th Morgan Stanley, Canary Wharf, London

MARCH 3rd Jewish Child’s Day dinner
  8th ‘WOW’, Murray Edwards Cambridge
  17th TED, Vancouver

APRIL 8th Oswestry Literary Festival
  16th Welfare Board, Leeds
  17th County Durham Community Foundation
  23rd Nova Capital, London

MAY 11th Google Zeitgeist, Hertfordshire
  13th CFG Annual Conference, QEII London
  14th Digital Shoreditch, London
  30th Web We Want, London

JUNE 16th U3A, Midhurst
  17th Henley Golf Club Prize Giving
  18th Sunday Times Education, Wellington College
  30th Brain Bank, Wadham

JULY 8th Kisharon dinner, London
  15th Winton Capital, London
  16th U3A, Camberley, Surrey
  28th U3A West Malling

SEPTEMBER 7th Style Acre
  9th Launch Women for Change Breakfast Club, London
  27-29th Leadership, Women & UN, Italy

OCTOBER 1st Wirral Autistic Society, Manchester
  15th Migration Museum Project, London
  21st - 23rd Business Women Soiree, Austria
  26-28th Leadership Women, Ada-Lovelace Festival, Berlin

DECEMBER 9th Ada Lovelace Dinner, Balliol Oxford
  15th IoD Christmas Lunch, Henley



FEBRUARY 4th Entrepreneurs Organisation
  6th WEConnect / WITT
  20th Patrick Wild Centre

MARCH 2nd JDOV Jewish Book Week
  5th Avanade
  6th Accenture
  8th Cambridge Society of Kent
  11th Ways with Words, Keswick
  15th Beaconsfield Golf Club
  18th JVN Business Breakfast, Blackfriars
  26th Ipswich Building Society

APRIL 7th U3A, Liphook
  9th Specialisterne Belfast
  25th TEDx London Business School
  29th City Philanthropy

MAY 7th Opening of FRAME, Haverfordwest
  12th Jewish Care Women of Distinction Lifetime Achievement Award
  15th Guernsey Literary Festival - Women's Development Forum
  22nd Two Ridings Community Foundation

  9th Action on Autism Research Glasgow
JUNE 19th Refugee Council
  26th Edinburgh University
  27th Strathclyde University

JULY 8th Dartington Literary Festival
  10th The Kingwood Trust, Henley

AUGUST 13th Addidi

SEPTEMBER 8th Lincoln University
  11th Basingstoke, Women in Business
  17th Broadminded, Frederick’s Place, London
  25th Association of Project Management, Connaught Rooms

OCTOBER 3rd Henley Literary Festival
  8th AJR Kindertransport Lunch
  21st Phyllis Court (am) Prior’s Court - RAH (pm)
  23rd Hoare Bank
  24th Althea Imperial Innovation

NOVEMBER 5th Berkshire Community Foundation (with RdE)
  7th OII Awards Dinner
  11th Rockefeller University, NYC
  19th Giving Tree – Mandarin Hotel
  21st Prior’s Court – Royal Albert Hall
  25th UBS
  27th Findacure

DECEMBER 9th Tech City

For more information on events please contact

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What people say about Let IT Go

There is an entire business course in this book: about the dangers of profitless growth, the difficulties of succession planning, and the problems of managing clever people. But more important, this engrossing story of an extraordinary life is filled with lessons in what it means to be human. - Michael Skapinker, Financial Times

The word 'inspiring' is greatly overused, but Stephanie Shirley's story is one of those rare cases in which it truly applies. This book is an extraordinary tale of creativity and resilience, and of the power of well-targeted philanthropy to transform the world. - Oliver Burkeman, Guardian journalist and author

I feel lucky to count myself one of Steve’s friends, and I am so happy that, by sharing her story with us in the pages of this book, she will inevitably acquire many more admirers and fans. We may never be able to achieve a fraction of her success and influence, but the example of her generosity and unflagging attempts to use her hard won fortune to do good will inspire all of us to do just that bit more to leave the world a slightly better place than we found it. - Jane Asher

A wonderful, inspirational, living, breathing life of a book." - Stuart Ongley, SGO Music

Whether the challenges are being a child refugee, having an autistic child or creating a fortune (then giving it all away) by founding a tech company at a time when women were supposed to be home baking bread, Dame Stephanie Shirley's cinematic memoir inspires us all to keep reaching. Never stop reaching. - David Puttnam

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